Thursday, August 10, 2017

Game Night!

My daughter Katie painted up a box of 54mm Romans last year, and tonight we finally got them on the table!  I painted up two boxes of Gauls to face her troops.

Katie and Annie commanded the Romans, while Jack and I took charge of the Gauls.  I made up the rules in my head, but they were heavily based on Warhammer Ancient Battles.

When the Gauls charged through the woods, Katie brought her troops right into the fray!

Jack moved his warbands to engage Annie's cohort.

The terrain had no effect on anything.  It was just a nice surface on which to game!  The mat was from Cigar Box Battles.

I kept the rules VERY simple, really just giving the kids an excuse to roll dice.  Everything was heavily weighted to favor the Romans.

Annie's cohort lost half its strength and its leader, but Katie's annihilated two warbands without losing a man!

All in all, it was a successful night.  All the kids are raring to go again!